Cooking up a Storm in Mysore

Fruit & Veg stallFor the fourth and final instalment of my food guide series, I take a look at the options for eating in whilst in Mysore, reviewing the best supermarkets, organic shops and fruit & veg stalls in and around Gokulam.

I suggest how to safely cook with the water in India and also share photos of some of the dishes I’ve managed to prepare in my basic Indian kitchen – for a little added inspiration.

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Cooking up a storm in Mysore

Happy cooking!

Let it all go and have a Happy New Year!

Ganesha shrineAs we move into a brand new year this is a great opportunity to reflect back over our achievements and blessings, to consider what we want to let go of and to manifest our dreams and wishes for the year ahead.

I’ve put together a few rituals you can do alone or with others, both around the year’s end and throughout the coming year. So take some time out to focus on you for a change and fill yourself with gratitude, joy and hope – you deserve it!

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New Year’s Eve: Reflection, Gratitude and Dreaming Big

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year filled with love, light and laughter.