About Me

yoga_symbolI love Ashtanga Yoga. And I love angels. Oh and I love writing. So I thought why not combine my musings and ramblings into one blog.

I started practising Mysore-style Ashtanga in May 2009 and it changed my life. Not in a dramatic, overnight, OMG kind of way; but in a gradual, personal, yet very definite kind of way. I get up at 5.30am 6 days a week to go to a yoga class, something I never imagined I would do. This requires a fair amount of balance and negotiation with other areas of my life, as I’m not a total navel-gazing, commune-living, material-renouncing, non-attached, enlightened being! I live in a city, I have a job (or at least I did), I like to get drunk occasionally and I love watching drama series and cheesy 80s films. But balance is one of the things Ashtanga teaches me – both literally and metaphorically.

Vintage AngelI also had a life-changing experience during an angel therapy session at Buddhafield Festival. Since then I’ve felt the presence of angels always with me, supporting and guiding me. That might sound a bit airy fairy to some (no pun intended), but I think we all need something or someone to believe in. Someone we can call on from time to time to show us the way or nudge us gently back onto the right path. And I believe in angels. So let’s see how often they pop up…

I’m also passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, and you can read my food-related musings at Happy Belly Happy Heart.

– Hannah Moss

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